Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Money money money

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Lolita is an expensive style, even if you've got a job, are adept at making your own clothes or only buy second hand, off-brand or replicas. The way I've gathered it, many Lolitas I know don't have many other hobbies besides Lolita, and have had to give up on things they used to do and love (sometimes this even includes paying the rent or buying groceries) just to be able to afford the things they want. There was a conversation about this in the Enfant Terrible FB-group recently, with the title "how would you spend your money without Lolita?" Some replied that they'd probably use it in other types of clothing, electronics or - like I said, hobbies.

I myself am a busy bee. For a few examples, it's not cheap to go to the gym, my online psychology studies (not to mention the books required) aren't any different, drawing equipment is costly, and by the time I've paid the bills and budgeted my grocery-shoppings, not much money is left for the spending. I only buy Lolita when there happens to be some extra in my account or I come across something I absolutely have got to have this instance. I don't really have the option of "how would I spend my money", when Lolita is just another moveable expense as any other expense. If I wasn't in a band, didn't know how to hold a pen, didn't study or wasn't into sports in any way, I suppose I could be splurging with shopping some more.

The average second-hand brand JSK costs around 100-250€, and I'm a bit ashamed to say I do many of my ex tempore buying with a credit card, which I've very nearly maxed out and am slowly paying off with my meager salary. Why couldn't I just have put the same amount of money aside for later purchases and simply waited? I may be a lot of things, but a very prudent saver I am not. As much as I seem to preach about common sense and moderation in this blog, immediate payoff is sometimes too tempting a thing to pass. For my defense I can, however, say that my credit rating is fine and I haven't gotten into trouble with money. My job is secured for as long as I want it, and although I don't earn a lot, I do get by.

Same isn't true for a lot of people who get caught up in the world of must have and shopping to meet some invisible need. I've read about girls who've gotten themselves in so much debt they couldn't handle it anymore, and some girls pay for their clothes with prostitution. Is it all really worth it? I'm not one of those people who damn prostitution as a profession, but if it comes out of desperation, it's a different deal.

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Having said that, I welcome myself back in business, and will post some of my more recent purchases soon.

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