Thursday, February 28, 2013

"..What beautiful music they make"

I sing. I've been singing since I was three years old, and haven't stopped since. I sung in choirs, I sung at school and I've been a member in so many bands I've lost count...until I found the one that completes me and allows me to both express myself and develop as an artist.

Embassy of Silence has been in operation since 2007, and we make music that's been described with all of the following adjectives in different reviews:

- Intelligent metal
- Progressive goth metal (Apparently it's enough to have a female vocalist to qualify as "goth"
- Goth rock (I can't understand why, though)
- Power metal (Which we totally are NOT)
- Progressive melodic metal (That's pretty close, I suppose)

I guess It's safe to say we're a tough band to label. We toy around with different themes, moods and music styles and don't really want to sit in one box genre-wise. We, however, describe our stuff as beautiful atmospheric progressive rock/metal. We like to challenge the listener, but also paint sceneries and tell stories. Our albums have been said to "open up slowly", so they last through several listenings and the listener's favourites usually change over time.

I sometimes wear Lolita clothes on our gigs, but not as a means to differentiate, but because they're a part of my persona. I've been saying for a long time that it'd be great to see more Lolitas on our gigs, since I know for a fact that many Lolitas don't just listen to classical music or J- or K-pop/rock, but have more varied tastes.We have closer to 2000 FB-fans around the world at the moment, and I admit, this post is a shameless attempt at getting more listeners. But not just any listeners; Lolitas. I make lyrics and song melodies, and we make tunes that suit different mindsets; we spin stories that take their inspiration from classic literature, movies, legends and more. If there were more of you pretties at our gigs, I'd be over the moon with joy!

We're also on Spotify, just search for Embassy of Silence. Our albums "Euphorialight" and "Antler Velvet" are available for listening.

To conclude, here's a few videos available on youtube. I'll mark the ones I especially think Lolitas might enjoy!

Some songs from our first album "Euphorialight"

"The Mercury Lamp" (Lolita-recommended!)

"I Ride Alone"

"Euphorialight" (Lolita-recommended, despite low quality of sound!)

And here's some from our second album "Antler Velvet".


"Touch the Zenith" (Definitely Lolita-recommended!)



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    1. That would most definitely be awesome! <3 I'll send you gig invites when we have shows somewhere nearby. :3

  2. you found the right band indeed! you guys look so freakin awesome! keep it up ^_^