Sunday, February 24, 2013


I went to HelLoCon (Helsinki Lolita Convention) that was held at the culture arena Gloria on February 23rd. I would've attended anyway, but got in free because my friend Myrsky organized a panel discussion with the topic "Lolita and feminism", and asked for me to be one of the discussionists. I, Myrsky, Petra, Rithrin and Marie actually managed to make a light-hearted but interesting 45 minutes worth of talk, although we barely got a surface scratch to the underlying issues. Nevertheless we had a blast, and I got to hang out with and meet lots of other friends, such as Katja, Laura,Toni, Minja, Anna, KatiMimiElfieTuulia, Jenni, Jonna and Ilona, despite most of the previous being quite busy with arranging and attending fashion shows and other program that there was a good selection of.

I participated in the drawing competition and won second place (The first place went -deservedly - to the lovely Charlotta, whom I also voted for) with this funny-ish little doodle:

It was superb to see all of you, even if I didn't mention you here, or if we didn't get a real chance to catch up. The Finnish lolita circles are awesome, I've said it before and I'll say it again.

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