Monday, November 26, 2012

I have many names

I thought I'd post something that doesn't fall under the "srs bsns" -category for once. This one is about some of the names and nicks I carry around in the world of Internetz. :)


As some of you may know, I love pen&paper storytelling RPG. Yeah, the kind with character sheets and dice. I've been especially a fan of White Wolf's setting, "World of Darkness", which originates all the way back to the early 90's. It's a world just like ours, except somewhat more sinister and even gothic, with various supernatural creatures inhabiting it. The Tzimisce are a clan of vampires from the WoD game "Vampire the Masquerade", originally from Eastern Europe. They have plenty of features and abilities in common with Bram Stoker's take on Dracula, and are the quintessential unfeeling, sadistic monsters. The Tzimisce are on a constant quest of metamorphosis, transscending from their mortal coil through experiments into surreal, inhumane (un)living monuments of either horror or beauty, equally as terrible and disturbing. I've always had a thing for the Tzimisce. They are distant and reclusive, and I identify with that. They are the most hospitable hosts, but extremely territorial, just as I am. I find Eastern European cultures and history interesting, so the Tzimisce were a natural choice of focus for me.

Three different takes on the clan from different era setting books of VtM. I love how the dude on the left looks like a used car salesman and the guy in the middle looks like he belongs in a campy Blackmetal band.

Red Panda

On a completely opposite end of the spectrum from the Tzimisce is the Red Panda. She's fluffy, innocent, childlike and very friendly, viewing the world as being full of wonders. She's a part of me I show to my friends, and the closer a friend, the more I show this part of me instead of the regally cynical scientist that is the Tzimisce. The Red Panda has been my spirit animal since 2006. This may all sound schizophrenic to you, but I assure you I'm quite sane. Well, as sane as can be expected, of course. I love the fact that I call my closest friends mostly by their animal names, such as Owl, Squirrel or Badger, and they call me Panda.

Oh hi!


Surprisingly enough, this nick has also started with RPGs. There used to be an RPG chat where I played (again in a WoD setting) an Irish reporter by the name of Heather O'Keavy. I had that character for 5 years, and grew very attached to her. Heather soon became the "Finnified" version, "Heetteri" off-game, and some people I got to know through the game still call me by my nick. I've used Heetteri as a nick in various other places after that, so it still lives on, no matter how outdated.

A commision QueenOfDorks did for me way back. I still get pissed off if someone uses this as their userpic, it's MY PROPERTY, damn it!
Inna or Innah

Welll, my real name's Ines, and when I was little, and couldn't yet pronounce it, I called myself Innah. I told this to my boyfriend, and he's called me Inna for a long time now. This nickname carries a special significance and warmth to it.

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