Monday, November 5, 2012

Styles of a questionable nature

Some styles of Lolita are like the Loch Ness monster or the Abominable Snowman - it's debated whether they really even exist, or what they include. Maybe we're all just so hell-bent on inventing labels for everything that we somehow find it necessary.

Ero Lolita

When asked for a definition for what Ero Lolita is, there seems to be as many views as there are respondents. Some (rarely those long into Lolita as a style) think it's showing as much skin as humanly possible, some say it could be something as subtle as using a certain fabric. I tend to disagree with both of these extreme views, and will now try to outline what I think it is. Yes, showing some skin definitely is a part of Ero Lolita, but not in the "bought this fetish Alice costume from Leg Avenue" -way. If you're going to show cleavage, cover everything else. If you want to show some leg, keep the top quite demure.

We've seen some quite differing takes on Ero Lolita over the years. Some photo shoots would suggest it's ero if you put on a corset and bloomers and parade around, posing in your underwear. But that's not Ero Lolita, that's just pin-up, in my opinion. Yes, even if you put that ridiculous Rococo-style cage-underskirt frame on top. An Ero Lolita outfit could comprise of leaving your blouse at home, to reveal some boob-action. Not enough to shout "hey, look at these puppies", but just enough to be suggestive. Or maybe it's those super high heels in your shoes, paired with fishnet or lace stockings?

Country Lolita

Is it really a separate style, or just another variation of Sweet/Classic Lolita? Country style straw hats, gingham fabrics and picnic-basket accessories were all the rage at some point, but I seriously don't know if that should merit their own substyle all together. As cute, dainty and as rustic as these clothes are.

Bittersweet Lolita

It's pretty much just sweet prints on a black background. Some people insist on making this into a whole new style and calling it Bittersweet. I really don't know what to make of it - maybe we should start calling baby blue Lolita outfits "Sky Sweet Lolita", while we're at it?

Hime Lolita

Stop the press! Lolita can be worn with Hime hair and tiaras or crowns! And here I was, thinking crowns and tiaras can be incorporated with Lolita without it automatically becoming a different style altogether. Not to mention that Lolita's supposed to be somewhat princess-y, with or without crowns etc.


  1. I think most of these substyles in the wide world of lolita are case sensitive. Their definition is still incomplete in some ways since some of these styles are seasonal or only used in special occasions. For example country lolita, which becomes fashionable every summer, is hardly seen in cold semesters. Not only because it's unpractical, but also because people tend to dress up with seasonal codes. Another good example is ero lolita. At least i haven't ever met a girl who would call herself ero lolita, meaning that it's her major choice in lolita substyles. Instead, i've seen remarkable amount of coordinations that definently are ero lolita, used occasionally in a party or such. What i am implying is that these substyles most definently do exist, but not as independently like sweet, classic or gothic lolita styles. Question is that is a substyle a correct term for a style that only exist occasionally and usually can be categorized into major substyles while they still are authentic, being styles of their own. Thanks for this post, you made me philosophical for a moment! :D

  2. I'm so glad someone finally commented in a more interactive way, I really want to (needlessly) question stuff and think about the style I've gotten myself into, and have conversations about my posts.

    Seasonality definitely is a factor, and I've no doubt most of these are real styles, I just sometimes think whether we take the whole "this is a separate style all on its own" -thing too far, and can't see them as parts of their primary styles. Especially BECAUSE, like you said, they're no one's number one choices, but an occasional addition to whatever we like to wear. I would've also added Sailor Lolita - one of my faves - here, but I can't really decide which major style it would belong to. Sweet? Classic? No one dresses exclusively Sailor either. Hmm. Also still trying to figure out what exactly defines Ero Lolita. What's too much, what's too little?

  3. Haluan kommentoida tänne jonkinmoisena bittersweet-asiantuntijana että asia ei kyllä ole näin. :D Tämä on vähän kuin taivutusmuodot, ne ovat epäsäännöllisiä mutta ne vain täytyy osata. Bittersweet on vähän sama. Kaikki musta pastellilla ei ole automaattisesti bittersweettiä.

  4. Mutta Bittersweet ei ole vakiintunut, yleisesti omaksi tyylikseen hyväksytty muoto. Taivutusmuodot ovat sen sijaan kielitieteen mukaisia standardeja. Bittersweet ei ole kaikkien mielestä oma tyylinsä, eikä se ole kaikkialla vakiintunut käyttöön. Mielestäni tällainen erittely on osaksi vähän keinotekoinen, mutta sinänsä samantekevää minulle kun en edes ole Sweet-suuntautunut. :D Halusin blogitekstillä lähinnä nostaa esiin hirvittävän himomme lokeroida ja määritellä ja nimetä asiat tiukasti omiksi asioikseen pientenkin määrittäjien perusteella.

  5. Lisäystä vielä sen verran, että Bittersweet tarkoittaa tosiaan käsittääkseni vain värivarianttia, joka on sen ainoa erottava tekijä muusta sweetistä. Onko Bittersweetillä mitään muuta "omaansa"? Harmaakin kissa on kissa, ei "Harmaakissa". :)