Thursday, March 21, 2013

Loved to death

I just took a peek at my wardrobe, and realized it’s bursting at the seams, although I seem to think I just don’t have enough dresses. Some people have their closets perfectly organized, or hang their clothes on a display rack as a part of their home’s décor – I personally don’t have room for one, unless I want to dodge it every time I have to go outside.

I used to be one of those lolitas that buy dresses and then quickly sell them after wearing the items once or twice, but nowadays I grow quite attached to what I have, especially some things that have been with me for some time. Here’s a few of my personal favourites, I managed to decide on only three to feature!

F+F coat

Everyone knows Fanplusfriend's quality has improved significantly only in the last few years. The first things to have better standards, however, were the coats. I bought this black, elegant winter coat in 2009, and although I've managed to lose the belt somewhere, the coat is still in great condition. I love the detachable soft faux-fur collar and sleeves.
Edit: I actually just found the belt at my boyfriend's mom's place!

Self-made bonnet

I made this bonnet for my first kuro lolita outfit in the summer of 2008, and I still wear the hat now and then, as it really sets off any darker ensemble perfectly. Bonnets weren't popular at all at that time, but even now, when they're a very common headpiece, my 5-year old hat manages to get compliments and queries. I'm a terrible seamstress, but I must've done something right here. I used a big straw-hat as the base, cut off a part of the trim, covered it with black fabric and added two black roses (also put together from loose petals by yours' truly) and some decorative trimming. Simple, yet pretty.

Black meta dress

My first black one-piece, which I bought from Charlotta in 2009, and have worn the heck out of since. It's a perfect fit, has a delightful old-school feel to it (the dress was released in 2007, I think) and features lovely, detachable bows and small cameo-buttons. The lining is satin and also has a layer of tulle inside it, so even when petticoats deflate, the dress maintains a proper silhouette! I can't imagine parting with it, it's my "go-to" piece whenever I'm in a hurry or can't decide what to wear. I don't seem to get tired of it, it's almost a part of me by now.

What about your favourite pieces, readers - care to share?

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