Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Casual post 3: summer!

Spring makes us wait for itself here in the northern part of Europe. Some meterologist just made a timid estimate of late April, which means we're quite literally jumping directly from winter to summer. Weather is such a lame topic, but a cooler climate during spring has meant hot temperatures from June to August, which I'm really looking forward to after last year's modest warmth. I'm so over this cold, and totally ready for all the fun that sunshine and green grass bring.

This year, for the first time after graduating from high school, I'm going to have an actual summer holiday, a total of 30 days of paid vacation! I've spent some lazy moments already dreaming of what I want to do, and came up with at least the following:

1. Go do some reading in the shade of a tree on a sunny day

2. Spend a friend-filled cabin-weekend with sauna, BBQ, swimming and boardgames involved

3. Go on picnics and take a carefully prepared lunch basket with you

4. Buy potatoes, greens and fish from the market place and cook something amazing

5. Do more jogging and gym exercise

6. Be more of a social animal

7. Sunshine, ice cream and more swimming at Häkli beach

8. Visit Linnanmäki amusement park (after a 2 year hiatus)

9. Cosplay Vanellope Von Schweetz at RopeCon

10. Arrange a 40's Hawaii themed barbecue summer-party

11. Wear more lolita!

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