Friday, March 22, 2013

From the archives (IMAGE HEAVY)

Another one for the weekend!

I have an impressive amount of photos on my photobucket account, and one day I went through all of them. I was surprised to find pictures of things I used to own and things that are still more or less on my wishlist, so I wanted to make a post dedicated to them. A vast majority of these items are from my sweet lolita days, but I can appreciate the old-school feeling a lot of them have, not to mention the nostalgy these clothes and accessories carry.

Some things I had and loved

Including the year I bought them. I'd imagine some of these are still in circulation.

Baby seal bag (2009)
It was one of those baby seal backpacks you tend to find at cruise ships or thriftstores here in Finland, but I made it into something more fanciful. I still think this is rather cute in a scruffy way, but it stopped suiting my style.

Blue BtSSB polka dot JSK (2009)
At least I think it was BtSSB. I only wore this dress during one photo-shoot until I switched styles.

Blue AP polka dot daisy bow (2009)
 A bit of a shaky picture. It went perfectly with the jumper skirt above.

Demonia boots with faux fur (2010)
 Awesome boots for gothic lolita, but they broke about a year after I purchased them, and I just haven't gotten around to buying a new pair.

Pink AP sweater with knitted strawberries (2008)
This sweater was never really my favourites in any way, despite it being cute, but I just HAD to include it, since it's one of those ongoing jokes that this particular knit from the leaving lolita sales of Reetta/Elina has been worn by 90% of the lolita population in Finland. Here's proof that I was probably the second or third owner.

Heart-shaped AP headdress (2007)
A friend visited Japan again, and acted as a shopping service on the side for me.

Pink AP apron (2007)
She also sent me this.

Pink F+F coat& cape (modified), self-modified mittens (2007)
My first lolita coat, and how I loved it! I added the faux fur trim and lace hearts on the coat, and the paw-pads on the mittens.

Pink AP skirt (2006)

The same friend that acted as my shopping service in 2007, did the same in 2006 as well, and I got this skirt, which was my first brand item, along with a pair of pink AP socks. The feeling when I lifted it from the pink plastic bag and smelled it was incredible. I'd really want to know where this skirt is now.



...And some things still kinda want


THAT Black/black or red/white BtSSB heart bag

Metamorphose flocky rose bag in white or red colorway

Red polkadot AP knit bolero

BtSSB chess JSK (the official name of which I can't be bothered to google right now)

Red Baby shoes

These BtSSB bunny earmuffs, but black

Black&red winter crown headdress (I've wanted one since like 2006, but it would mean I have to make one myself. These were already a rare novelty in the available colours.)

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