Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Goodies from saturday

As I made abundantly clear in my last post, we did some face-stuffing and purchasing last saturday. Here's what I got:

From Tokyokan
Top row: Kombu-seaweed, instant Miso soup
Bottom row: Japanese vermicelli, nori sheets and toasted white sesame seeds

From Sweetheart
A bag of salmiakki swirls (for those who don't know, salmiakki is a type of salty licorice sweet very popular in Finland, also found in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and some places in Northern Germany), a cherry candy cane and salmiakki fudge.

I actually got around to trying rice with sesame seeds yesterday, and they had AMAZINGLY good synergies! I highly recommend you try it, if you haven't already. It also looks like I'm going to frequent Tokyokan more often, I've gotten a real taste of Japanese food, and I don't just mean Sushi either. I recently bought a book called "Japanese women don't get old or fat", which features some super-tasty sounding recipes I'm just dying to try out.

This was supposed to be a lolita blog...will it soon become a cooking blog, I don't know!

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