Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day on the town with friends

This saturday I and some of my friends headed off to the center of Helsinki to do a little shopping and nomming. We had a bite to eat at I <3 Food, and then visited Tokyokan, a store specializing in Japanese dishwear and groceries. After that, nothing could've kept us from the cakes at Cake Gallery! We also went to a few more places, as described in the captions. What an absolutely awesome day.

I chose some Japan Sencha green tea, a small slice of mango cake and passion fruit cheesecake. Mmm!

Ilona's manic expression digging into that pastry is priceless.

Jone's looking silly and slightly ruffled. <3

Weehee, it's me and my loot!

Mikko just had "Gunpowder" green tea.

Less than sophisticated Ilona and super chic "devil may care" -habitus by Kaisa...

(Despite bad lighting)...and...ehh...the other way around.
We visited the small and cute candy store Sweetheart and got some cavity-makers!


Just because we had the whim, we went to tiki-theme bar Kokomo for awesome Hawaii-coctails! They were so good and refreshing on a hot day.

Kaisa poses etherically in front of an exotic-looking mini-jungle

A closer look at her cool outfit.

Also ran into Katja, damn I managed to burn this picture. :'3 She looked pretty, as always, and shared with me a thing I had NEVER known (oh the shame): ALL AP DRESSES HAVE A POCKET. 8O
I'll soon make a mini-post on the things I got from our journey around town.


  1. Näyttää olleen ihana päivä! :D
    Tuli itsekin herkuteltua eilen lolita seurassa.

    Hihi..oon tuota itsekin alkanut huomamaan, että niistä mekoista tosiaan löytyy tasku, yksinäinen tasku. Yhdestä mun hameestakin löytyy tasku, hassua. :P

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Käsittämätöntä etten ole ennen huomannut!!

    2. Ei kyllä tulisi ensimmäisenä mieleen tunkea kaikkee roinaa hienon ja kalliin mekon taskuun. :P