Friday, October 5, 2012

Lolis doing unloli things

Most of us have things we do that aren't considered very compatible with the style. At the end of the day we aren't just a bunch of stereotypes, but there are so many interests and features that define us or are a part of us besides the way we dress. However, I wanted to write about the "unloli-things" that are on my list. Some of you are sure to have interests in common with me!

1. Bad habits

Swearing, weekend-smoking and slouching (I have the worst posture). I do at least try to avoid them when dressed up fancy, since two of the aforementioned are especially frowned upon by most Lolitas, but then again - it's only clothes. If someone is terribly offended by swearwords, it's not me they have to avoid, but most of popular culture today, not to mention walking outside where strangers may splurt out naughty words! And when it comes to smoking, I tend to stay away from non-smokers so as not to afflict them. If it's just the habit that bothers others, tough luck - it's still my body.


2. Violent entertainment

I know for a fact I'm not alone on this one; there's plenty of film buffs and gamer geeks among Lolitas. I've suggested a shooting-range meetup, and the idea was met with great enthusiasm. So games that involve guns and hack'n'slash, horror and action movies/shows with gore are a part of what I like to do and watch. Sadly I haven't had much time for gaming in the past few years. When time is scarce, there has to be a certain amount of trade-offs.


3. Junk food

I don't indulge very often, but I can't help but enjoy hamburgers, french fries, potato chips, pizza or popcorn now and then. Very few of us are immune to the alluring call of salt and saturated fat, and I'm no exception. I have a balanced and healthy diet most of the time, but sometimes there's just no substitute for some good old-fashioned bacon.


4. Going to the gym 

It's not calmly horseback-riding side-saddle, it's not waltzing at a costume-party or walking about in the beautiful countryside with a parasol. It's hard work, sweat, pain and an endorphine-rush. Not very graceful or ladylike at all, but rewarding and energy-boosting for sure.


5. Having a sex-life

Nothing special about that, as most of us over the age of 18 are dating, or at least have done it a few times, right? Nope, this still seems to be an issue that one should pretty much stay quiet about as much as possible, because the lolita circles are, in this case, divided into three groups; the underaged oblivious (who mostly still live under the impression that all lolitas are eternal virgins and boys are yucky if they're not Japanese pop-/rockstars), the refined ladies/innocents who deem all talk of bodily functions and needs inappropriate, and the "radicals", who have no need to hide any aspect of their lives, including pornography or what goes on in the sack. But just because you can never be sure who belongs to which faction, it's better to get to know people before sharing intimate stuff with anyone. It's like a reverse High-School; almost everyone's doing it, no one's talking about it. For some reason it's easy to be labeled as a fetish-dresser or age-player if you both dress in Lolita and are vocal about things like these.


6. Questionable sense of humour

Derpaty hurr-durr derp durr. In addition to enjoying intellectual satire, play-on-words and witty banter, I also go for the immature, infantile humour, centering on lower parts of one's body. Making faces, physical comedy and putting on my head things that shouldn't be put on one's head are another great source of chuckles. These should be enjoyed in the company of people who enjoy it as well, otherwise a generous serving of awkward is on the menu.

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