Monday, October 22, 2012


1. Innocent World babydoll -JSK.

Black velvet! I got it for only 60$ because the hem-lace had been removed. I'm not too picky on whether my brand items are pristine, if they can be fixed. All I have to do is find some nice lace and sew it on, and that's that.

Picture by Elegantsolitude

2. Heart-apron!

I managed to persuade the keeper of Sweet-Sweet Shop (now closed) to make me this apron, despite her "retirement". I've wanted it since 2008, and soon I can finally quit boring my friends by frequently including it into my musings.

In full black, of course

3. White, ruffled bloomers

At last I got around to ordering them. I'm sorry, but when it comes to ruffled underwear, F+F really has what I want. I already have the same model in black, but wanted white ones as well. They really are super fluffy!

4. Parties, parties, parties

In addition to us hosting a halloween celebration at my boyfriend's already creepy-looking old wooden house, (we affectionately call it "Chernobyl" - it really is a place of eternal childhood, like Never-never land!) there's two of my friends' birthday bashes coming up, both will require dressing up in themed Lolita (or Kodona/Aristo) as well. The other party will be carnival-themed, and the other will be casino-themed. Awesome. :)