Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some things pretty

While there's plenty of amazing items of clothing out there, there are some things that I love for various reasons, and some of those even make my style feel like mine. Maybe there's some nostalgia in these items for some of you as well?


Headdresses, especially the traditional, rectangular ones are super cute and intricate accessories that finish an outfit without being overpowering or drawing too much attention to themselves. Very feminine and cute! Always a must-have with old-school Lolita.


Aprons haven't been in favour for a while, many see them as too maid-like or only fitting an Alice-inspired ensemble. I, for one, wholly disagree! I've wanted this BtSSB apron (below) in black, or at least white-on-black for years, but it's hard to come by. Oh well, maybe one day...


An autumn and winter essential! Thicker wool or velvet capelets bring a Victorian feeling to a coordinate and lighter cotton capelets deliver that little extra "oomph". Two different looks in one go; capelet on and capelet off!


Soft, heavy and expensive, there's something very regal about velvet. Velvet was more common back in the old-school haydays, and some of the most beautiful velvet dresses and jumper skirts are from an era when the clothes were hardly even available for us westerners. Here's two examples that make me want to become a time lord:

The colour red

My favourite colour! It's typical that the only thing red in my coords is my hair, but it's the red items of clothing and accessories that never fail to catch my eye. Ones that suit the gothic look are few and far apart (or legendarily high-priced) but usually worth coveting.

Velvet and red? Talk about dream combo!

Turtleneck shirts

Sometimes an outfit just doesn't need a lace-collared, princess-sleeved blouse, but a simpler, sleeker choice is required. That's when turtlenecks come in handy! Either single-coloured or maybe even striped, turtlenecks can be a surprising eye-catcher that pulls a whole look together.


 Miniature crowns were quite a big thing back in 2004-2007, but you just don't see them used anymore. Such a shame, especially when totally elegant and detailed crowns like these are a possibility. Whoever said small crowns have to be made out of dainty pearls?

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