Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It is customary to introduce oneself.

Not all Gothic Lolitas are sophisticated and eloquent in everything they do, not all of us keep up a facade of living in a dark, Victorian fantasy. Some of us like to pretend and make believe just as the rest of the Lolita kind, but enjoy the freedom of the modern world much more. We, who occasionally swear, have some alcohol and mostly prefer contemporary pastimes to sewing, classical music and tea time, forever balancing between the lifestylers and the casuals in our outlook and behaviour. Not all of us Gothic Lolitas think Moiti√© is awesome. For me, Lolita is just one part of my life, and this blog is all about how my other interests seep into the fashion and the other way around, making the result - well - me.

After this disclaimer-like wall of text; hello. I'm one of the Peter Pan -people of the world, never quite growing out of playtime, dress-up and imaginary friends, cleverly holding on to the vestiges of being a "responsible adult" to society, when needed. But my friends and other loved-ones know the real me, sleeping in a bed full of plushies, putting cheezits in my nose to make others laugh and gathering like-minded people around me to live in a protective cocoon of relative immaturity, creativity and endless fun. I suppose it shows that I began with Sweet Lolita in 2006, but did a 180 two years later, feeling that I was done with pastel colours for good.

This blog will feature coordinations, essays and things I'm interested in, perhaps even my art. My posting is frequent at times and infrequent at others, but I think it's about time I made a blog on the subject. Endless photos of myself will most likely not be a very prominent part of "Tzimisces Wear Ruffles", I sometimes shy away from the camera, and this isn't a way for me to get more adoration, but more of a channel for me to communicate my relationship with Lolita.

I write in English, because most of the ones I know will read this blog understand the language at least reasonably well. However, should they wish it, I can and will provide a short Finnish translation at the end of each blog post - just request if you want it!

Welcome, and please, do follow this blog!

~The Tzimisce~

Picture by Mimmi Lehtimäki (c)

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