Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lolita and me: what do we have in common?

I stated in my introductory post in a most "look at me, I'm a Unique Snow Flake!" -manner, that I'm into stuff that isn't Lolita. Then again, most of us are, and most of us - I would assume - aren't so deeply 1-dimensional that the only content in their life comes from Lolita-related things and denying themselves anything that doesn't fit that picture. That simply cannot be.

So what on earth am I into, then, that's very much inherently Lolita-approved?


Here is a brief summation. I might go into greater detail on some of these topics later in my blog.


1. Tea

Yes, yes, tea. I've always been a fan of tea with milk, but within this year I've learned to consume it without milk as well. The thanks goes largely to the Tea Parlour/shop called Ounce here in Helsinki. It's a very popular hangout and shopping place for Finnish Lolitas, and their variety of different kinds of tea is impressive. My own favourites usually fall into the Rooibos and flavoured Black tea -categories.

2. Sweet things




 I rarely have cravings, but when I do, it's mostly for candy/sweets/bonbons. Licorice, salty licorice, jelly beans, chocolate - bring it! While not a major fan of baked goods, I simply cannot resist cheese cake. It's my weakness. The soft, smooth, velvety consistency of the cream cheese, the rich, sweet bottom layer, the delicious, so deceptive. I'm fortunate/unfortunate enough (depending on your angle) to have some great cheese cake witches in my circle of friends. 


3. Classical music


I am a fan of classical music. My particular favourites are the late Czhecs of 1800-1900, Antonin Dvoràk and Bedrich Smetana but also Tchaikovsky and our very own Finnish master, Jean Sibelius. I judge classical music like I do any other, so whatever I prefer has to have beautiful, powerful melodies and rouse emotion. I could also listen to piano and cello being played, like, 24/7.

4. Classic literature and poetry

  ...I know it's such a cliché, but I especially adore book classics as well as poetry from the 1800-1900's. The Brontë sisters (Can't get enough of Wuthering Heights, just saying), Charles Dickens, Poe, and Blake come to mind first. In the 1920's there was also a Finnish group of poets called "The Flamebearers", of which some have truly written bone-chillingly melancholy and pathos-filled poetry.


5. Plushies


This is one form of collecting I'm somewhat known for. I have my Queen-sized bed filled with different plush animals, each with names and personalities! What I like to look for in a plushie is realism; preferably no cartoony-looking or overly childish figures - the more real-looking, the better. I also prefer animals that are quite rare in the plushie world. I'll make an entry all about soft toys later, but I do have to mention that I am currently in custody of, for example, a gigantic sea-turtle, an emperor penguin, a white grouse, baby seals, owls, a white tiger, a yak, and of course, two red pandas.


6. Picnics

  No matter how I like frolicking in the snow, admiring autumn colours, waiting for Christmas or watching nature awaken, I'm a solar-powered summer person at the end of the day. And I love packing up all sorts of goodies, maybe a bottle of wine and a big blanket and then heading off to some scenic location to enjoy it all with friends. As an amateur food afficionado (or at least a decent home cook) I've got so many ideas for picnic-lunches that just wait to be put into action.


7. Opera and theatre

"Der Ring des Nibelungen" by Wagner, "Rusalka" by Dvorák, "Turandot" by Puccini...ah! I haven't been able to go to see any operas or plays in a long while, but it's an ongoing dream of mine to get to see world-famous pieces in Prague's national opera. Same applies for theatre and musicals - I don't go nearly as much as I'd like to. Partially this is because I'd like to travel abroad to experience most of the plays and musicals I want to see. My mother taking me to London's West End to see A.L. Webber musicals and pampering me with opera must've spoiled me, haha.


8. Amusement parks

The wilder the ride, the happier I am and more juvenile I act, make no mistake about that. I run from the first contraption to the next, forgetting to breathe or eat and eventually end up with a sugarrush-like state of ecstacy. This usually results in me being exhausted but happy, and falling asleep in the car on the way home. There's also a certain charm in the old-fashioned, ornate and slightly kitschy rides, and who could resist the mixed aromas of cotton candy, popcorn and junk food?


  1. This list could be mine. I just prefer edium level amusement park rides...

  2. Hee hee. ^.^ I just sometimes wonder how, even if the merri-go-round would be too fast for someone, could they not enjoy the atmosphere at amusement parks? It's just so packed with joy. :)